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Krasków Πολωνία A well-developed tourism

Since 2010, when more than 8,1 million foreigners visited a famous city in Poland, beautifully located on the left bank of Vistula River, it became also known for the high level of tourist development. Lots of the hotels in Krakow were renovated for the guests’ convenience. It turned out that this destination has lots to offer for tourists, vacationers and businessmen: from notable sights to special areas for different events. Moreover, there is wonderful nature and climate all year round.

Four-star accommodations are the best possible variant for a stay; they are calling card of the city. Besides, there is a good combination of the reasonable prices and excellent living conditions. Park Inn, Krakow is the often visited by people of the different ages, nationalities and social status. It is low-rise modern building of the 21st century with the interesting architecture and beautiful interior design. The stunning views over Church of Saint Michael the Archangel, Wawel and Dragon's Den.

There are more than 145 well-equipped and individually decorated apartments. Each of them has the satellite TV, radio and telephone, comfortable sitting area with coffee table, separate bathroom with needed amenities and tiled floor, safe and mini-bar. Fax machine, desk and office chair are for the business stay. Wi-Fi and air conditioning or heating are available in all public places.

A delicious continental breakfast and fresh fruits are served in the spacious dining room every morning. In the nice restaurant, the guests can try lots of dishes of the traditional and international cuisine, various drinks and light snack food. Lots of tasty cocktails are waiting at the bar, near the big pool. It is one of the Krakow hotels, which has an ideal reputation among the foreigners and qualified personnel. There is always hospitable atmosphere.

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